Chatham University makes major renovations to the Carriage House

Chatham University’s Carriage House used to house the university’s bookstore and post office, however over the course of the summer the University renovated the Carriage House into an area for study and festivities.

“Changes were made to go along with all the changes to the University,” said Gabrielle Matich, an admissions counselor. “We changed the marketing to go with the change of going co-ed, so we added a new lounge in the Carriage House to accommodate the growing student population.”

So far the changes to the Carriage House have been a success.

“I love the changes! They are beneficial to the campus to study and hangout and have festivities,” said first-year student London Pipkins. “Some things that they could add are decorations and game systems since there’s a flat screen T.V.”

Inside the Carriage House is an 80-inch flat screen television, a smoothie bar, pool tables, study rooms and numerous lounging areas to relax. Officer Toi Kenney, a member of the campus police, said, “These students need to be here and learn how to have fun on campus instead of going to those [University of Pittsburgh] parties.”

Amy Winter, a first-year studying film photography, said, “If I know there are any events, I would go.”

She is not alone, and many students say that they are looking forward to what the Carriage House has to offer in the future.