Chatham students participate in pro-choice rally in Market Square

Monday, September 29, was a dreary day to say the least, with consistent rainfall from morning until night. This, however, did not stop Chatham students from trekking through the storms to show their support for Planned Parenthood.

With the recent government defunding of the organization, a group of students chose to attend a rally in Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh. For several of the students, it was the first rally they had ever attended. They marched to the Pittsburgh office of Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey—who voted to block a bill that would allow the government to keep running because it also continued to fund Planned Parenthood—to view speakers from Planned Parenthood share their stories.

The Chatham community has exhibited great support for Planned Parenthood and their message—doing everything from setting up tables with informational material to writing cards to local legislature in support of Planned Parenthood. Students even wore pink for a Chatham Pink-Out on September 29, even if they could not attend the rally itself. An overwhelming wall of support came from this pink-out, as many students participated in this on-campus statement.

Though the Chatham turnout was small, the rally itself was full of local Pittsburghers giving their support to Planned Parenthood.