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Chatham first years reflect on first semester

Photo Credit: Katerina Sarandou

For first year students, there are a lot of challenges and experiences to encounter. These include independence, being away from home for the first time, and going to 8 a.m. classes without parents forcing them to wake up.

Carly Peterson, a first year student in psychology, expressed how much she enjoyed being away from home.

“I actually really like it. I think it’s a good feeling being independent [even though I miss home] but the environment at Chatham is very welcoming,” Peterson said. She was born and raised in Philadelphia and visits home at least once a month.

Many first year students, especially those who live out of state, typically miss home but the amount of freedom and independence is worth it.

If she had it to do differently, Peterson might change a few things about her first semester.

“I would not be so hard on myself [as far as] adjusting myself [to college life],” she said. “It takes time, and I think it stressed me out.”

Frankie Brown, an exercise science major and point guard on Chatham’s first ever men’s basketball team, has some advice for high school seniors.

“Just have fun and don’t give up. Keep pushing. Have fun but most importantly, get your school work done,” he said.

Another first year student, nursing student and Pittsburgh native Alyssa Brown, would change aspects of her first semester, too.

“I wouldn’t procrastinate as much. I do everything at the last minute, everything,” she said.

For first year students, being away from home for the first time can be difficult, but it can be a positive experience, as well.

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