Little Red Riding Vogue: Keep warm this winter without sacrificing style

With the first snow on November 12 came the first struggle I am faced with every winter. Gloves, I have covered. Scarves, I adore. Winter jackets, however, are a whole other beast.
Every winter I find myself struggling to acquire the perfect winter coat. The bulky Jet Puff Marshmallow coats sure are warm, but I feel like I automatically gain 300 pounds when I wear them. So how do you keep warm without looking too bulky?
Trust in classics like jackets from The North Face. They are slimming, non-restrictive and most importantly, made to last. There is a reason why it is such a well-known brand.
Another cheaper alternative is to opt for a well-lined peacoat. They may seem like more of a fall coat, but it really depends on the type

photo credit: Indigo Baloch
photo credit: Indigo Baloch
Christina Austin shows off her great winter style.

you get. Some have a thick lining for insulation so you look fashionable and feel comfortable with the added bonus of not freezing when December hits. Not to mention, peacoats usually include a cinch of some sort to show off your waist. You can find chic peacoats anywhere nowadays, from Target to Kohl’s to Macy’s, and everywhere in between.
Finally, do not be afraid to layer up. There is a misconception that layers add bulk. Under Armour is skin-tight and extremely insulating. Also, try pairing a hoodie with a fall jacket. And never forget that you have a multitude of cute scarves, gloves and hats to add to your ensemble to keep you toasty warm.
Like I said in my first column, never sacrifice comfort for fashion. Above all, take care of yourself this winter. For those of you concerned about the lower half of your body, I suggest fleece-lined leggings, camp socks and leg warmers.
Leggings are the new inescapable trend, and you don’t have to ditch them just because it’s getting colder. You can get a fleece-lined pair at your nearest Target and enjoy the comfort and versatility of your leggings all throughout the winter.
Camp socks are cotton ragg socks that you can find at J. Crew or LL Bean. They come in a variety of colors and will be the warmest pair of socks you have ever owned. They can weather any condition, hence the name “camp socks.”
Finally, embrace your inner 80s chick and bust out some leg warmers. They might seem like a retro fashion statement with little purpose, but those babies will keep snow and slush from getting on your ankles or into your shoes for those days when you don’t feel like suiting up with a pair of snow boots.
So slip on your fingerless gloves, get something hot to drink at Café Rachel and embrace the snow!