MyChatham: a new look for a new year

The new year most often means new changes, and for the Chatham community changes came in the form of a brand new layout of the myChatham intranet. There were emails sent out about the upcoming change, but it was when people logged on for the first time that the change felt real. As with most things in life, the redesign had its fans as well as its critics.

First year Jackie Stanfield was not happy about the change. “Personally I found the new design confusing and I wasn’t ready for it,” Stanfield said. Although there was one thing that Stanfield liked about the new change. “I like the color, it looks cool and more modern.”

Senior Courtney Druzak welcomed the redesign. “I think the design looks considerably cleaner and more professional than before.” However, Druzak still had some criticisms of the new look. “A downside of it is that when we click on certain parts of it, it takes us back to the old design. This makes it look like myChatham’s makeover is only halfway done, and it seems a bit messy too,” Druzak said.

Senior Ciera Young had that same criticism and hopes that some more work will be done. “I hope that they redesign the entire website,” Young said. Meanwhile senior Maggie Yankovich embraced the easy access on her smartphone. “I especially like how organized the new ‘Quick Links’ menu is, and how accessible it is to access things like my course schedule or tuition payment plan on my iPhone,” Yankovich said.

It looks like the Chatham community will have to get adjusted to the myChatham redesign just like the new semester.