Jasmine Davis speaks on life after Chatham


Photo courtesy of Jasmine Davis

In 2010 Jasmine Davis graduated from Chatham with a degree in marketing.  After living on campus all four years, she journeyed out into in the real world.  Staying within the Chatham circle, her first job was for a pair of women who also graduated from Chatham. She worked at the content factory managing five to seven clients in social media, conducting phone interviews, and tending to any overall online needs. When talking about the transition from student to graduate, Davis admitted, “It took a little bit of time acclimating to not getting a grade–you have to maintain a level of quality while solving your own problems.”

Originally, Davis said she hoped to find an on-campus position, but is now glad that she chose to find a job away from the, “Chatham bubble.” Her time at Chatham clearly prepared her for her off-campus life, especially in the aspect of time management.  Participating in a number of extra curricular activities added to her success, in particular her position as President of Student Government her senior year.  Also, Davis held two jobs during her four years on-campus: an on-campus job and working as a page for the Carnegie Library.

Her tutorial prepared her most in the aspect of balance. During her tutorial she created an outline, allowing for her to utilize the entire year. Within the outline were highlighted dates to keep her on track.  Davis believed her tutorial was her best tutor in time management skills.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Davis
Photo courtesy of Jasmine Davis

Now, Davis works for as an account manager at Community Elf.  She describes her job as a, “blogger.” Working with local clients, she manages an online presence for most of her clients. The job entails working with her clients to respond to online conversation, and blogging about things people want to read. That’s not all Davis worked for last year though.

Davis created her own board game design on the side. She entered it in the Tabletop Deathmatch, though she did not win.  She did make the cut for the sixteen finalists.  Furthermore, she noted she was the only solo woman to be part of the competition. Davis admitted that part of her strive comes from attending an all-girls school and the empowering environment it involved. She explained, “It is really important for women to stand up for themselves, in the workplace, hobbies, or whatever you’re doing in life–Chatham was fantastic for that.”

Besides her time working and making board games, Davis is also a member of the young alumni association at the school.  The Young Alumni Association’s goal is to remind young alumni they do not have to miss out on the events they loved as students.  It also reminds graduates to attend any events such as reunions.

Davis’s love for the University and the campus itself runs deep. She was interested in holding her wedding reception on campus and admitted one of the first things she did when dating a guy was show him around our beautiful campus.  She also noted her love for the dining hall during this part of the interview.

In fact, the last part of her advice for any students on campus that Davis gave was, “Enjoy the dining hall while you have it!”