Athletic director Leonard Trevino’s statement

I am aware that an article written about a statement I made in 1997 has been brought to the attention of the Chatham community.

Twenty-three years ago, I made a comment that was insensitive to the Black Community and I apologized at the time and took corrective action. What I learned from that moment was that words have impact and anyone can hurt others with their words. In time since this incident, I have made efforts to listen, learn, and grow as a person. I’m not the same person I was twenty-three years ago and for that I am glad. I believe that underrepresented groups are at a disadvantage in our society, and I have championed inclusion for these groups throughout my career.

I further believe that the Black Lives Matter movement brings to light the inequities that are part of our society, and that everyone can and should make a contribution to right those inequities. Going forward, I will work to continue our department’s anti-racism efforts both within athletics and throughout the larger community and look to further collaborate with campus partners on social justice initiatives.