Chatham Chats: Dos and don’ts for navigating registration and staying motivated

Chatham Chats is the new advice column by the Communiqué staff. This series is a safe space for students to ask questions regarding any problems they may be facing.

Chatham Chats:  Dos and don’ts for navigating registration and staying motivated

How do I navigate registering for classes for next semester? I’m not sure how to best organize this process. What should I avoid, and what should I make sure to do?  

— Stressed-Out Student


Dear Stressed-Out Student,

Registration is always a stressful time for everyone involved. With the current state of the school, it is valid that you are feeling more pressure than usual. 

Make sure to stay in contact with your academic adviser. They are there to answer your questions and give you advice on the best way to complete your degree. 

You can find your advisor on under “Services and Departments.” Then, select “Advising Checklists.” This will help you keep track of your classes, when you’ve completed them, what grades you received and how those credits fall into your degree requirements. It helps to keep your own checklist for your major, as well.

Make sure that you are aware of what day and time you are supposed to register.  If you don’t get into a class you want, don’t be afraid to email the professor and ask if they can fit you in or let you know if a spot becomes available.

You can also check out the course catalog for the upcoming semester at and look at the “Course Schedule” listed under “Tools.” Good luck with your registration!


A Helping Hand


How can I stay motivated when all my classes are online and there’s nothing to look forward to during the weekends? Online classes combined with endless stay-at-home Saturdays are hard, even though I know our health is the biggest priority right now.

– Mentally Unmotivated


Dear Mentally Unmotivated,

You are not alone in your lack of motivation. The monotony of being inside and constantly sitting in front of a screen is bound to take a toll on everyone’s mind.

I would recommend doing activities that are CDC approved. A few ideas include taking walks outside or going out and taking pictures with friends. Sometimes it helps to just take a breather and listen to new music or a podcast to give your mind a well-earned break. The restrictions may not be as fun as normal, but making small plans will help break up your routine and give you something to look forward to. 

If you’re lacking academic motivation, change up where you take your classes or do your homework. Instead of staying in your room, work at the kitchen table, on your porch or leave the house altogether and try going somewhere like a park. Any change of scenery will help switch things up and make work more interesting.

You could also try setting personal goals for yourself in order to accomplish different tasks. Small rewards like a piece of candy after completing an assignment are little ways to drive yourself to do work.

These are tough times and you are definitely not alone with these struggles. Any small change can help things seem a little bit better.


A Helping Hand


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