Chatham Chats: Advice for an overwhelmed student

Chatham Chats is the advice column by the Communiqué staff. This series is a safe space for students to ask questions regarding any problems they may be facing.

Chatham Chats: Advice for an overwhelmed student

Is there a way to not get overwhelmed by classwork? 

— Overwhelmed Scholar


Hello Overwhelmed Scholar, 

 Classwork can sometimes feel like there is a lot to do, with so little time to do it. One of the biggest things that could potentially aid you in not feeling so overwhelmed would be to prioritize your time. 

 Perhaps you could try to make a schedule for your day. You could include class times, practice/game times if you’re involved with a sport, meeting times for any clubs you’re in, etc. Then look and see when you have free time and when you can crank out those assignments. But be sure to include some time for yourself for things like eating, sleeping, relaxing and reflecting on your day. 

 College should be an enjoyable time for you, so don’t neglect your physical and mental health. If you feel you’re still overwhelmed, maybe try talking to your professors to see if there is any way that they could help you to get everything accomplished. If you feel comfortable speaking with a professional, Chatham has some great counselors who could help you to navigate this tough time.

 I have faith in you!


 A Helping Hand

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