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Foodie on the Half Shell: Review of Industry Public House

Photo Credit: Olivia Beals

I have noticed that I have been very focused on reviewing restaurants lately. That is telling of my kitchen life…with the end of the semester creeping up on me, I don’t have a lot of time to make dinner every night. I preach about making time for homemade healthy food on a college schedule, but even I can get worn down.

Last night I was able to unwind a little bit by going out to eat and listen to some live music. For dinner, Ben and I went out to the Industry Public House on Butler Street.

Lawrenceville is such a weird and wonderful place. While I was sipping on my tequila I looked out the window to see a female mannequin riding on a jumbo sized bowling pin in a window above a bowling alley. It must be some bowling alley…

Industry is a large space full of friendly faces drinking impossibly potent drinks. The restaurant has large windows out front to create an open feel to it, and even has two bars.

I was drawn to this restaurant because I heard about their “Smokestack” cocktails ($3 plus whatever liquor you pick). The smokestack is a simple two-step process where you pick out whatever bourbon, whiskey, or scotch you want, and then you pick a flavor to smoke it with.

The flavors include mesquite, maple, pecan, apple, and cherry. I had The Gilded Age ($10) cocktail which was tons of tequila with citrus, ginger, and fall spice bitters. Their cocktails are strong and not watered down with a lot of ice–only with a large ice cube. The tastes are strong and unique.

As for their food, the descriptions on the menu are enticing, but the food itself does not keep up with their cocktail’s sophistication. I had their Lucy Furnace ($10) which was a portabella cap with grilled onions, ricotta salata, tempura zucchini, and watercress.

The elements were great, and it was a decent sandwich, but quite dry and a little bland. What I really wanted was some garlic aioli to smear all over it.

With it, I ordered some french fries with cheddar cheese melted on top. The fries were pretty flimsy, and I wanted way more cheese. When I want refined pub food, I want lots of cheese, seasoning, and the right amount of grease.

Ben had their smokestack sandwich ($12) that had ribeye, cheddar, arugula, and horseradish. It was was not big and luxurious, as most meaty sandwiches are. It was pretty simple. His side dish was probably the star of the night. It was brussels sprouts, with bacon and gorgonzola. The seasoning was nice and strong.

The pub is a pub and has above average pub food. Do not miss out on their drinks for any longer. Go and enjoy a game on one of their dozen televisions and sip on one of their many beers on tap or whiskeys.

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