Little Red Riding Vogue: Rick Owens shocks Paris Fashion Week with nudity

If you aren’t already familiar with the designer Rick Owens, you will be now. Owens, a California native, has had a label since 1994 and showed his first runway collection in September of 2002 at New York Fashion Week. Most recently, he showed his work during Paris Fashion Week.

On Thursday, January 22, Owens sent pantless male models down the runway. I know what you’re thinking. Pantless? Really? Yes, really. In fact, some of the pieces had holes cut out in the crotch area. It wasn’t some slip up; Rick Owens just really wanted Paris Fashion Week to see some male genitalia.

Whether he wanted to shock the crowd or if it was really just the design he liked remains to be seen. Either way, the Internet is going crazy over it and I can’t blame them.

Owens has always been known for his grunge-glamour approach to fashion and the pieces he showcased at Paris Fashion Week maintain that style. For those who aren’t familiar with his work, think Alexander Wang.

Overall, the look was intriguing, but of course, this collection has now been made unforgettable by the addition of the publicity.

Some of the pieces featured chest cut outs as well—although we live in a society where male chests are acceptable in public. This does, however, raise the question of acceptable nudity?

The fashion world is one of the few places where nudity can be respected as art. Plenty of designers showcase pieces where women’s chests are visible. Maybe Owens is trying to take another step forward with nudity in fashion. The real proof will be if female models in fashion start flaunting dresses with crotch holes, too.