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Foodie on the Half Shell: A little pricey, but worth every penny: Review of Soba

Photo Credit: Olivia Beals

Last Friday night was date night for my partner and I. I like to go to new places, keeping my column always in mind. I wanted to dress up a bit, so I made reservations at the hip spot in Shadyside, Soba. Soba is a pan-Asian restaurant with a complex selection of wine and cocktails and an impressive selection of seafood on their menu.

You walk in and automatically feel cool and at ease. The dark hard wood floors, and the water wall create a very modern and hip ambiance. I had a great time, and very little was lacking in my experience.

My partner, Ben, is of age (lucky man) and ordered a very interesting cocktail called “The Variation”, he described the drink as sweet and citrusy with a hint of lavender from the Crème de Viollete. He said he would have preferred something not so sweet, but it was very interesting and tasty.

The cocktail list was full of trendy drinks, but the cheapest drink you can buy there is $9. Most of the cocktails are about $12. So, if you plan on having more than one drink, expect your check to be heavier. Personally, I think a good drink is worth every buck, especially with fantastic liquors such as the Crème de Viollete. There is also a saké selection, which is always a great accompaniment to any pan-Asian meal.

For dinner, you are given the choice of ordering a bunch of smaller plates, or ordering off of the entrée selection. Ben and I ordered four smaller plates and were very satisfied by the end of the meal. We chose the calamari, the eggplant mushroom dumplings, the mussels, and the lobster maki (sushi).

The eggplant shitake mushroom dumplings were out of this world. The texture was perfect, and the dumplings themselves were like little pillows of earthy goodness, with a punch of heat from the sauce. I don’t even like mushrooms!

Our letdown of the four dishes was definitely the sushi. The lobster did not make for a good sushi because of the chewiness, and there was absolutely nothing special about the taste. Also, the roll itself was pretty small. I am used to a nice big mouthful of sushi goodness, but these were just tiny bites of sushi.

It was fine, but that’s it. If you want sushi, do not expect anything great from Soba. Stick with the other seafood dishes, such as their calamari; although lightly fried, you could tell the calamari was of great quality. The small plates were about the same price as the drinks; very reasonable. The entrees are much more expensive, but I really do encourage anyone who goes there to go for the “share” plates.

Last but definitely not least, I would like to speak on behalf of the salty sweet goodness that I ended my meal with. The “pretzel stack” topped off my night with crunchy pretzel chips layered between thick globs of chocolate mouse. HELLO! So sweet and rich! I can only say that there should be maybe a little less, since it was such a big dessert. For all of you chocolate lovers, though, this is a stack of heaven.

Soba is a fantastic restaurant/bar/lounge. The Big Burrito company can’t help but turn out spectacular places for us to eat. Enjoy the great service, the wide range of tastes, and the romantic atmosphere. Maybe save your bucks for a special occasion, or treat yourself because you deserve it! Either way, you will leave Soba without regret and with a tummy full of sweet and spicy goodness.

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