Communiqué staff pick favorite stories from 2022


The 2022 calendar year has come to a close, and some Communiqué staff members have picked their favorite stories from the past year.

Carson Gates- Editor-in-Chief

World Cup brings light to culture and tradition at Chatham by Josie Barton

Riley Hurst-Brubaker – Video Editor

10 Taylor Swift songs as things at Chatham

Arlo Grey MacFarland – Contributing Writer

Lightening Rod: Sleeping Witch & Saturn

Michaela DeLauter- News Editor

Chatham Cougars switch to Union Fitness

Abby Hakas – Opinion Editor

Students share frustrations of plant-based dining at Chatham

We would love to thank all of our readers over the past year. We were named 2022 Student Organization of the Year, and appreciate everyone who helped support student journalism at Chatham University.

Do you have a favorite story from this past year? Comment below, and share what your favorite Communiqué was.